The only way out is through.Zen saying

Right now, if you're contemplating divorce or separation, you're probably experiencing a deluge of emotions—anger, self-pity, terrible sadness, a sense of betrayal, depression, and a good degree of confusion. All these feelings are natural, because the loss of a spouse or partner through divorce or breakup is equally as stressing as losing someone to death.

But I can assure you that you can get through this, especially if you are willing to accept help. It's my goal in offering mediation services to couples seeking to move on from their current relationship to make the uncoupling process as painless as possible.

Please check out my bio and posts on this website to see how mediation might be the best way through this rough period you're experiencing and on to another chapter of the life story you're writing.

By the way, is that sun in the picture rising or setting? Much depends on your perspective, no?

--Ray Patterson


  1. Thank you so much for your ideas! I've never sought that mediation may help in any way. Divorce withdraws you from your friends. So many people isolate themselves in an attempt for self-protection. Divorce is do hard to handle. I think that it's also really important to be prepared for the financial side of this process. You may click here to find out the average divorce cost in various US states.


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