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Festina lente

It’s not unusual to get phone calls from spouses seeking information about divorce mediation. I expect to be asked if I offer the service (I certainly do), how much does it cost (that depends on the two of you), but I’m too often asked how soon the couple can come in. I’m not troubled by the first two questions, but I do have concerns about the third and the lack of questions about what mediation actually is. Frankly, a rush to ‘get it done quickly’ puts a red flag in my mind. Why the rush? What makes getting divorced so imperative now? Sometimes I think it’s because the spouses have had some discussion regarding dividing up their possessions and time with the kids and the calling spouse thinks they’ve got the best possible agreement ‘teed up’ and have to ‘close the deal’ asap. They don’t want to chance having their partner think too hard about what they have tentatively agreed to, on the chance they will change their mind and either demand more or give