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"First you say you do, and then you don't"

It's highly unusual to find both members of a couple at the same point on their journey to decoupling. More likely, one is ahead of the other and either feels already out of the relationship or well along the way. This, of course, leaves the other in a quandary. Perhaps this individual only recently learned that the marriage was heading toward the rocks. Or perhaps he or she held on to slim hopes the other person would come to their senses, or the whole nightmare would magically disappear. Some believe that, if you don't talk about the problem, it goes away. Unfortunately, it doesn't. If one of you wants to end the marriage, it  will  end, one way or another. Either you will try negotiating the terms of the decoupling in mediation, or the matter will end up in family court. Until that time, the one left behind may exhibit what, on first glance, seems like odd behavior. She may state unequivocally one day that she is totally on board with divorce, only to change he

Be Aware: Current Tax Plan Includes a Divorce 'Penalty'!

As it stands now, the ex-spouse receiving support payments (alimony) must pay tax on those payments because they are considered income. The ex-spouse paying the support payments gets a tax deduction for making those payments. The current GOP proposed tax plan changes that. If the new plan is passed by the House and Senate, and this particular provision survives, the payee will lose the tax deduction for alimony because it will be considered to have been paid from after-tax dollars, and would be tax free for the recipient. As to the legislators' reasoning behind this change, there are a number of possibilities. It could be that a plurality feel the current arrangement amounts to a subsidy that makes divorce more desirable, and in their (often religiously-influenced) thinking believe that turning the tables would force more couples to stay married. But I think it's more likely that the House GOP has combed through the tax code looking for anywhere they could sa