Do You Want a Divorce?

There is a well known Zen saying that goes, The only way out is through. It is particularly apt applied to people whose marriage or relationship has eroded over time. Partners of all different sorts have wondered, "Is it time to leave?" And it is usually the knowledge of how much they have put into the relationship (although filtered by each person's particular viewpoint) that holds them back from taking the plunge.

So they soldier on, going through uncertainties and fears because they can't bring themselves to accept that all that past history cannot make up for the way they feel together today. They fear the unknown future and would rather live in the known present, however horrible.

If you're in such an eroded relationship and you're experiencing pain and anxiety, it may be time to answer the question posed above, "Yes, I want a divorce," especially if you've tried every conceivable means of trying to save it. That's the only way you get a divorce!

If you need some encouragement, there's another Zen saying: Jump and the net will appear.


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